Ice Cream Rockport

Banana Nut

Rich banana ice cream with tasty, chopped roasted almonds

Banana Pudding

Banana ice cream perfectly blended together with whipped topping and vanilla wafers

Birthday Cake

Vanilla ice cream with pieces of chocolate cake, a chocolate icing swirl and bright multi colored sprinkles

Black Cherry

Smooth, cherry ice cream with sweetened dark cherries

Blue Monster

A rockin' blue vanilla ice cream mixed with chunks of chocolate crème cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces

Butter Crunch

Tasty vanilla ice cream loaded with chuncks of Crunchy chocolate peanut butter candy

Buttered Pecan

Rich, butter pecan ice cream with lightly Salted, roasted pecan halves

Cake Batter

A flavorful yellow cake batter ice cream

Cherry Vanilla

Maraschino cherry halves mixed into a Smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream 

Chocolate Chip

Creamy vanilla ice cream with tasty, semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough & chips of dark chocolate

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

Milk chocolate ice cream combined with tasty peanut butter cookie dough pieces and milk chocolate chunks


Tasty coconut ice cream blended with flakes of fresh coconut


Rich. Creamy Ice cream made with natural coffee beans

Cookies N Cream

Creamy vanilla ice cream with tasty chunks of chocolate crème cookie

Cotton Candy

Pink and blue vanilla ice cream with the old-fashioned taste of cotton candy

Dutch Chocolate

Rich, creamy chocolate ice cream made with the finest imported chocolate

French Vanilla

Rich, creamy vanilla ice cream that has the special taste of egg custard

Happy Tracks

Creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate-coated peanut butter cups and a dark chocolate fudge swirl

Homemade Vanilla

A rich, homemade tasting vanilla ice cream with a special hand-cranked flavor.

Krazy Kolors

Radical red, yummy yellow and blazin blue vanilla ice cream

Krazy Kookie Dough

Cake Batter Ice Cream loaded with sugar cookie dough pieces in bright shades of green, blue and pink

Milk Chocolate

Creamy, smooth milk chocolate ice cream made with premium cocoa, fresh milk and cream

Mint Chocolate Chip

Refreshing, creamy mint ice cream sprinkled with delicious semi-sweet chocolate chips

Mocha Almond Fudge

Coffee ice cream accented with chopped roasted almonds and a rich chocolate sundae sauce

Moo-llennium Crunch

Vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate chunks, creamy caramel chunks, roasted pecans, almonds & walnuts

No Sugar Added Country Vanilla

Old fashlon9d vanilla ice cream - 96% Fat free and sweetened with SPLENDA BRAND

Orange Swirl

A refreshing swirl of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream

Peachy Peach

A creamy peach ice cream with chuncks of sweetened peaches

Pecan Pralines 'n Cream

A combination of praline sauce swirled into a creamy vanilla ice cream sprinkled with praline-coated pecans

Pistachio Almond

Pistachio ice cream accented with pieces of crunchy, chopped roasted almonds

Rocky Road

Rich, dark chocolate ice cream sprinkled with chopped, butter-roasted almonds and miniature marshmallows

Triple Chocolate

Dutch Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream mixes with a rich chocolate sundae sauce

Southern Blackberry Cobbler

Creamy Ice cream with a luscious blackberry flavor combined with flaky pie crust pieces and a blackberry sauce swirl


Smooth, creamy strawberry Ice cream made with succulent strawberries

Strawberry Cheesecake

Rich Cheesecake ice cream with cheese cake pieces, strawberries and swirls of strawberry sundae sauce

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